Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can you hear me now?

I tried blogging from the iPhone app again... I accidentally deleted my last post.  Still can't post but delete works well. 

Our big news of late is that Mike got hearing aids on Friday!
He has had a hearing loss since childhood.  He once told me he threw away his hearing aids in middle school.  This week he said he lost them in a football game...(I really think it was the first one) and he has compensated all these years without them...
He reluctantly agreed to get them again, finally!
He can hear the t.v. at a normal volume, he can hear us when we talk to him, he can even hear us when we are in the next room not talking to him...
He's going to have some adjusting to do...right now he thinks everything is too loud.  I've been sick and sniffing a lot and I am "being very loud" and today he told me the little dog eating was like a light bulb shattering on the floor...he is really put out that he can hear birds outside and traffic now.
But, his biggest complaint is that his clothes rustle.  I told him they always have and I've tried to get him to switch to light starch for that very reason...
I am so hoping he adjusts quickly.

And to add the pictures again since I've deleted the first ones...

My view today

since I didn't remember to take the picture till bedtime my view was a snuggly dog.


I found Kellie napping and even then her phone was in her hand

A stranger

Since I've stayed home all day, I chose a picture from a stranger's food blog I spent some time on today... Check it out here -    Had to cheat on this one...

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