Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are we there yet?

We have been in Dallas for the whole week of spring break...
We did a lot of family time, friend time, quick visits with old friends, shopping and the sweetest wedding I've ever seen
It was a week of going non stop but I enjoyed every minute.

We spent some time with the favorite dog cousin

we ate at a lot of good places

we did some early birthday celebrating for Jennifer
Kellie chose the place and we ended up at
The Magic Time Machine

Jennifer spent some time on driving lessons for me!  Katie got to drive the car she will get soon...

I think the favorite moment of the week was Katie getting her eyebrows waxed for the first time.  She was very nervous but really, really needed it done!

She survived

We headed back towards home last night after the wedding.

Kellie needed to be able to see the nuggets she was eating

I got too tired and we stopped at a hotel

I tried to enjoy every minute I got to spend in this fluffy hotel bed!

It was just me and the girls for this trip.  I think they have had enough of each other and of me by the time we got home....
but it was all good.  They both had their favorite friends over within an hour of getting home.

I came home to a very clean house which is a very big deal to me and very unusual for Mike to have it that way.  He also took my car to and had it cleaned after we got home. 
Today is our anniversary and just coming home to a clean house was the best gift ever!
I sat at that wedding last night thinking how it seemed like yesterday that I was getting married... how could it be 17 years???? 
17 fun filled years!

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