Sunday, April 1, 2012

Multi tasking, it's my super power

Last weekend was our Discipleship Now weekend at church.  We hosted freshman girls at our house.  They were so fun and so good.  It seemed odd to not have either of my kids here. 
There was a large assortment of junk food.  I'm very glad it's gone!  I may have eaten more than my share of some caramel, chocolate, pecan gooey bars...That reminds me, I've got to get that recipe!

                                           We spent a little time bowling and playing games....

and a lot of time in worship.
It was wonderful.
It was a busy weekend but I came away with wishing that we got to worship like that more!  Hope the kids felt the same way.

And while we were bowling and playing games I bought a new chair at a silent auction one of the high schools was having there...
I was pretty proud of the bargain I got. 
But more than that....
I kept up on bidding while winning a bowling game...
I think I took multi tasking to a new level.
I was proud.
Katie was dying... she thinks I can never just do one thing and that it was crazy...

      she liked the new chair though, if there was a little more room for Elvis..

Now I've got to get new curtains that match the new chair.
Jennifer posted our text messages during the multi tasking...
I think she was more impressed that I could bowl than the fact that I bought a brand new chair at a bowling alley.

That crazy weekend led into a crazy week where I feel like we never slowed down.

One of our good friends got a new bulldog puppy Friday.
                 and I got to babysit her yesterday so you know that means I had to take some pictures

She is so sweet. 

I also took some pretty sweet girls with me too

What have you been up to?

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