Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Moms and daughters and friends

Katie has a good friend whose mom I've gotten to know recently.
This past weekend we went on a mother daughter trip to Dallas for their 16th birthdays.  And for my Dallas friends, we snuck into town and Jennifer was the only one who knew....
What a treat to have one on one time with Katie and to have a friend for me.

We  checked into our hotel and that was reason enough for some pictures it seems...

We told them we could do that too
There was late night swimming

fun shopping
real shopping
Even though I'm not a huge shopper, since we've moved to Lubbock I can very much appreciate a good mall.

we got dressed up for dinner and a show
Jennifer joined us for dinner but we never got our food.  So, we enjoyed a nice glass of tea with her
and for our dining viewing we had a large crack to keep us entertained

We made it to the musical

 and spent some time with
Lili Whiteass
He/she was very entertaining
we had a midnight snack. 
Our friends are from California and had been missing this place

We slept in Sunday and then drove home. 

 It was a fun fun weekend!

Next weekend I'm making it up to Kellie with a date here in town.

It was good timing for the trip with Katie.  This week is Pom try outs. 
Have I mentioned she gets a little stressed????

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