Saturday, April 21, 2012

Her first broken heart

This week was pom tryout's for Katie.
She was on JV Pom last year.
This year she made the first cut, she worked so hard every night, and the dance looked perfect.
And she didn't make either squad.
And it's the worse thing I've been though yet with one of the girls.
I know it's just Pom.
But listening to how mortified she was not to have made JV again has been awful.
Her best friend made varsity.
She is sick about not being part of the the pom group that had quickly turned into her friend base.
She is embarrassed she didn't make it.
And she kept crying that the judges "forgot me".

I was not prepared for how it would tear my heart apart to see her that miserable.
We just hadn't had anything like this before.

But as I laid in bed praying all night instead of sleeping I realized how thankful I am that I've never had a more serious issue with the girls that made my heart feel like that. 
It's hard, I think Mike and I are just as sad as she is. 
But it's just pom.  And she will be ok.  I pray that there are bigger things in store for her this year!

I woke up with a sore throat, low grade fever and already had plans to take Kellie to Shrek the musical.
I slept through a good part of it...
I'm sure she was so proud to have that date with me.

This weekend is sure to get better tomorrow.

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