Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jennifer

My sweet niece Jennifer had a birthday on the 20th. Since she lived with us for a couple of years she is like another sister to me and my kids. We miss her now that we aren't seeing her everyday. We never get to spend her birthday with her because she goes on a mission trip each year during that week. We appreciate her doing these mission trips but we really would like to have her with us. We tried to celebrate last month when she was here. Mike couldn't wait and had to give her an early gift he had gotten her... but, it was just not the same...
Here are some of our favorite things about Jennifer:
1. she is funny
2. she is a 'normal' family member
3. she has a heart for the Lord
4. she is one of the most giving people I know
5. she would fix any problem for you if she has the chance
6. she makes a great assistant - I really miss that!
7. she loves my kids
8. she is handy
9. she is beautiful
10. she will go on vacations with us and still likes us after
11. she is crafty
12. she is quirky
13. we have a lot of the same interests
14. she taught me how to blog
15. she embraces her southern roots
16. she is like a sister to Mike
17. she puts up with our dogs
18. daisy
19. she'll do or try anything
20. she can shop for me
21. she loves old family photos
22. she is a great gift giver
23. she serves in any way needed at church
24. she comes to visit often
25. we can communicate with just a look when needed

Kellie added:
21. she acts like a kid
22. she is nice
23. she takes me places
24. she is fun to hang around with
25. she can help with my homework because she always teaches the same grade as me

Katie added:
26. she's like an older sister
27. she takes us to do fun things
28. she likes movies and books and things I like
29. she is easy to talk to
30. she is pretty

back to me-
31. She is so loyal to her job, friends and church she won't move near me
32. She is Jennifer
We love you - Happy Birthday!

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Jennifer said...

Thank you! That is the sweetest thing ever!

YOU are the best thing ever!