Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Funny what stirs a memory

When I was growing up we lived in Iran two differnt times. As crazy as it sounds, that time holds wonderful memories for me. My dad always worked for military contract companies that sent him to odd places where families usually couldn't go, so the time in Iran was one of the few times that we all lived together as a family.
My mother really didn't like living there. She had some health problems and I look back now and realize why she didn't want to go.
I however, loved every minute of it. I loved the adventure, the camels walking in the streets, the herds of sheep that came right through the city and would stop on a corner while their Shepard napped against a building, snowy winters, exotic food, and the bit of traveling we got to do while we were there. I hated when the country fell apart and we had to leave.

While we were there, the American Wives group took a trip to Russia. My mother wasn't about to go. We took a trip to the Caspian Sea and even that made her nervous "because Russia is just across that water"....
One of her friends brought her a ring back from that trip to Russia. She rarely wore it but she never got rid of it.
I ended up with most of her jewelry after she died and I have kept this ring in my jewelry box forever. I've never worn it but I never got rid of it.

Months ago Katie found it and asked if she could wear it. I worried about her loosing it almost didn't let her. Then I decided it had sat in jewelry boxes for 30 years now and it was OK to wear it.... She has worn this ring everyday since then.... She loves it.

For some reason tonight, while going over homework I looked at that ring on her finger and I was stuck with a sudden memory of where the ring came from and what a wonderful time it represents to me.
Just a trinket from Russia that my mother rarely wore. She would love that Katie is enjoying that ring.

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