Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cell phones, it's like having an intercom...

Well, we are off and running in the school area. Kellie has decided 5th grade is do-able and the large number of school supplies weren't an indicator of the difficulty of this year. I've really never seen school supplies upset someone so!
Katie was up the first day of school before me! She was curling her hair. The high dollar straightener wasn't enough for her, she recently discovered the curling thing I know she'll be asking for Hot Rollers and Auqa Net and it will be my high school days all over again.
Eighth grade seems to be all about looking cute... oh, I remember those days. She is even liking all her classes. Tonight at dinner she asked me about an algebra question... I quickly told her that algebra makes me a little queasy, she needed to wait for dad for that conversation.

A few months ago Mike got a Blackberry from his company and since his phone still had a contract on it, we let Kellie take. This was completely going against my theory that she did not need one...but now that she has one she wanted new one. One her Dad hadn't worn out. It was the only thing she asked for this year for her birthday. We went today and she got a new phone.

She has been quite since we got it... she is trying out all the game demo's, texting the few phone numbers in her phone and playing all the ring tones over and over trying to decide on one.
I just realized that I like the girls having phones. I just called each of them in their room to tell them to finish up homework and get in the shower...

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Jennifer said...

Clever response to the algebra question - I'll have to remember that! And kids and phones these days - you gotta check out the picture I poted on my blog of my sister and her friends. I guess phones are just the big thing. (o: