Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're ready...well, two of us are

We have spent the last couple of days going through the girls clothes, school shopping, and getting all the last minute things done to start school.

I always order the school supplies from the school. Every year. Without fail. Except for this year. I stood there saying 'what do you mean you don't have her name on your list, I ALWAYS order it... I know I did'... I swear I remember doing it! I can't find the canceled check though, so surely the teacher lost my form... just kidding....

So...$100 later both kids have school supplies.

This however created a problem with Kellie. She is a bit overwhelmed by the amount of 1" binders, spirals and folders that were needed for 5th grade. She has been worried ever since we unloaded the supplies. She is convinced that 5th grade is going to be soooo hard if you need that many notebooks! Today she has complained of a stomach ache all day and spent the whole day laying around... I'm a little worried!

Katie did some babysitting last week and is again tonight and she thinks she is rich! That $3o has changed her life. It seems every week she does something that makes me realize more and more about how old she is getting.

Today she and I did a little shopping and lunch...I love having that one on one time with each girl.

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