Saturday, September 18, 2010

I cooked and cooked

I feel like we have run and run the last few weekends and today I had no plans. 

You know I LOVE a day at home but I love a productive day at home even more.

I was out of the house by 8:30 to run my errands and go grocery shopping....
Even at 9:00 this morning the grocery store was crazy with people buying their tale gate food for the Texas vs Texas Tech game.  I've never seen that many people shopping for meat and beer!
I was back home by 11:00 with everything done.

I had decided to do a mini version of cooking for a month today.  I had my menu all planned done and was just getting started when Kellie and her friends decided that they really really really needed lunch at Chuck E Cheese... so, I'm not sure why but I agreed...
When they had their fill of expensive pizza and won enough tickets for some lovely plastic jewelry I got back to cooking...

I listened to my ipod, cooked and enjoyed the quiet afternoon...oh, and Jennifer B. have I told you how much I miss you when I do this all by myself???

On the menu:

Beef Lombardi
Crock pot Lemon Chicken
Mexican Chicken Stew
Crock pot Steak and Gravy
White bean Chicken Chili
Wild Poultry Casserole
Zesty Chicken Burritos
Marinated Pork Chops
Home made Pop tarts

The homemade pop tarts may have been a mistake... They are really really good.

I also made a batch of sugar cookies and decorated them for a shower I am helping give next week...

I need to tell you that using brown food coloring to try to get a dark brown icing is really not a pretty process...almost made me want to gag... just say'n...

I think it's a little unnatural how much I love to plan a shower or a party.  My asst. principal asked me to cater a "tea" for a church group this fall and I can't tell you how excited I am...

So, except for the for couple of hours at Chuck E Cheese it was such a good wise anyway...

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