Friday, December 17, 2010


Today was a wonderful birthday!
  • I ran in Walmart first thing this morning and got to see the soldiers there buying and loading the HUGE trucks with an unbelievable amount of toys for Toys for Tots...What a sweet scene
  • A wonderful coffee bar at school on a day where I really needed a cup...
  • A copy of the Carpenter's Christmas CD on my desk from a sweet teacher
  • Wonderful treats from families and my secret Santa
  • Finishing up the Angel Tree at school - what a blessing to get to hear from parents who are so thankful for help with Christmas
  • Seeing an amazing act of giving... You need to read the Christmas Jar... You'll want to do this every year!
  • A date with my hubby...
What a wonderful day!


Mary said...

It sounds like a near perfect day. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful weekend as well. Blessings...Mary

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a perfect Friday! And happy belated birthday! (o:

And the Carpenters Christmas CD is my #1 favorite for holiday music!