Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She made it

The big girl tried out for the Pom squad last week...
and she made JV...YAY!
She was a little disappointed she didn't make varsity but there is time for that.
So, add more practices to my schedule and more expenses.
But, I'm thrilled she made it.
I heard rumor of much crying from the girls who did not. 
Bless their mothers.

Tonight was the first parent meeting to let us know what all we will be paying for our daughters will be doing. 
There was a mom there that I have seen at other meetings.
She's the mom that can do, get, or make anything or in general take over.  Even the teacher/sponsor asked her if she wanted to "just be the sponsor?".  That was pretty funny but even funnier was she didn't catch the sarcasm and just said, "oh, no..."
Is there one in every crowd? 

And on another note, my mom jobs are keeping me from reading up on Rome...

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Jennifer said...

My teacher jobs kept me from reading about ROME tonight too. Bummer.