Saturday, April 30, 2011

15, it just can't be....

My first baby is 15 today. 

Do you understand me?

She is fifteen years old.


  • Old enough for drivers ed
  • So old she doesn't want to spend much time with me anymore
  • Old enough to be a little moody most of the time
  • So old that she knows more than me
  • Old enough to think surely I will embarrass her at any time
  • Old enough to be quite bossy
  • Old enough to want to tell me what to do all the time (that's the same as bossy I guess but it deserved to be mentioned again...)

But you know what else she is?

  • A beautiful young woman
  • A Christ follower
  • A good, kind friend
  • Polite to others even if it's hard to see at home sometimes 
  • A great student
  • A great dancer
  • A wonderful daughter

Happy Birthday my sweet one.

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