Saturday, August 4, 2012

Girls night

Jennifer bought a plane ticket to come and visit and to help me with a wedding I was going to photograph.  I ended up not doing that wedding but since she still had the plane ticket I wanted to do something fun while she was here.
I had a gift certificate for a night in Lubbock's fanciest hotel.  And lucky for Jennifer I didn't go alone all those times I considered it.  Another sweet friend joined us and off we went.

We spent some time in the pool. 

Enjoyed the managers reception then went to dinner.
After dinner we went upstairs to the Rooftop bar...
We spent a lot of time visiting and enjoying the view.

That's our hotel

There was a class reunion from 1972 up there also.  It was great people watching!  We had one of the class of 72 come and ask who we were and shortly was our new friend.

That is Wayne there after delivering drinks to us. 
We met his wife and continued to make new friends all night!

We stayed to watch a huge orange moon rise and then retired to our hotel where the alarm clock in the neighboring room went off at midnight. For almost 30 minutes.  Then is was great sleep in a bed to myself full of pillows!
After a great breakfast this morning we came home to my people I missed! 

It was wonderful and relaxing.

I came home to my weekly basket of goodies!

cucumber anyone?

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