Saturday, August 18, 2012

The end of summer

The last week or so has been crazy, stressful and busy. 
Mike's mother had surgery in Dallas on the same day he had a business trip he couldn't get out of so we did some re-arranging and the girls and I headed to Dallas for a week.

The majority of it was spent at the hospital for me.  Kellie did a few things with Jennifer. 
She had a birthday while we were there so of course Jennifer took her out and made her feel special on her big day. 
And the next night we met more family for another birthday dinner.

She has always needed a birthday week rather than a birthday...

My mother in law is still in the hospital due to some complications.  We had to head back home since I had to go back to school.
We also had to take care of the one thing left on my summer list of things to do...
Katie put off getting her drivers license till the day before I went back to work.  I needed her driving!
As nervous as it is making me, I am excited for her!  And I love being able to send her to do things now!
I continue to ask how these girls got so grown up...

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