Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School days

The last few days have been a crazy pace. 
Getting us all ready to go back to school seemed even busier this year...

We got the last of the many many middle school supplies.
The high schooler asked for 1 spiral.

I knew that was too good to be true.
The first day she said she needed to buy a couple of books this week.
I thought novels like we seem to have to buy several times a year...
Sure, we can buy those tonight.
Nope.  She meant college text books for her duel credit classes...
Huh?  We have to buy books for those classes?  3 books and another if she really wants to keep up.
And I have to pay how much tuition?
Now, I am very very grateful that she is taking them at this price instead of in real college but good heavens, I wasn't prepared to spend hundreds on books in high school. 
Those duel credit teachers better not ask for tissues or hand sanitizer that's all I have to say...

Here's our only first day of school picture for the year.  I had to take it after they got home!
Eighth grade and eleventh grade. 
I won't show the picture of me crying that my babies are grown up.
Katie drove herself to school.  I wanted to follow her...

Last year I had a terrible time getting Kellie up for school. 
Guess what?
It's no better this year.  I listened to her alarm go off for 15 minutes the first day and she never heard it....

Elvis didn't get up at all before we left...

My favorite thing I did for back to school was getting together Sunday afternoon with my sweet friend to make our lunches for the week.
We are eating some yummy salads this week!

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