Sunday, September 9, 2012

The First Cool Snap

We had our first cool snap this weekend. 
I live for this time of year! 
I kept waking up very early Sat. morning because I knew it was going to be really cool and I could hardly wait to get up and open all the windows!  As soon as the girls got up I made them open their windows, which here in Lubbock means cleaning all the dirt off the window seal too, so they weren't very excited and pretty much just gave them another reason to thing I'm weird.
They'll understand one day...

Saturday was a great day. 
One we don't seem to have often. 
Cool weather, everyone was at home all day, we all watched football together, I got all the fall decorations and cooked a big pot of soup for dinner.   My favorite kind of a family day!

                                     Here is Kellie having her very first Pumpkin Spice Latte...

Today at church we had a great lesson on prayerful consideration vs. sinful worry.  What a great reminder it was and food for discussion for the girls and I this afternoon...

This afternoon I even found my girls lying in bed together watching a movie! It was like a little miracle! I had to bite my lip to keep from telling them how sweet it was!

It's been a great weekend!  What about yours?

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Jennifer said...

I had my first pumpkin latte and decorated for fall too! (o:

Interesting sermon title...I've been sitting there lately - the sinful worry thing. Pregnancy is bringing it out in me I suppose. I definitely need some conviction and encouragement in that place!