Thursday, April 18, 2013

Be gentle with my cookies

Our life has been a little crazy lately. 
Let me catch you up.
Last weekend my best friend's daughter got married.  I feel really old when I say, I feel like she was just a baby. 
I was put in charge of making the favors for the guests. 
Otherwise known as 200 large sugar cookies.
That didn't sound bad until I realized I was flying and could either take 200 cookies on the plane or make them in one day there, not in my kitchen. 
After making test batches I decided I had to do the majority of them here.  I was very relieved that I had when I got to my sisters and the only mixer was 40ish years old and "on it's last leg".  I suggested we stop and buy a cheap one, she thought it could make it.  And if by "make it" you mean not be powerful enough for the dough and dust my white icing with ashes, then yes, it made it.
I found the largest carry on in the house
I was very careful with them.  They had a special security search.  I offered up a cookie if she would be gentle....
and all but three arrived safely
not enough time with the friend
Too much time with the mother in law
Jennifer went with me (thank goodness) and sent the above message to her friend who apparently has the same type of mother in law...
But the night  wasn't about any one but the sweet bride!  She's dancing with her dad here.
It was a beautiful wedding!
It was a sweet night!
Throwing the biggest change into our life right now is that Mike lost his job a couple of weeks ago.
A job he has hated every day of.
So, as much as we are worried and concerned, he feels some relief.
He is happier and more relaxed than I've seen him in years.
He is spending more time with us than he has in years.
He is doing things around the house and as I started to do the dishes tonight he said words I've never heard before "I can do that".  I'm still a little confused by that but I've never been happier with him!
We promised Katie we would find a way to stay put for at least one more year till she graduates.  I never thought I would agree to not try to go back to Dallas but for now, it's what's best. 
So as hard as the waiting and praying for a job is, we are enjoying some time together. 
I know that it was what was best for him. 
My prayer is that he gets a job fast  that he loves. 
I know God is in control of this.  I know there is a reason for this.  I have to remind myself everyday that I need to leave it to Him and not worry.  Actually, I have to remind myself of that many times a day. 
Writing this all down, I see that I needed to make those cookies.  I always bake when I'm stressed.  I needed that day away and time with friends. 
I'm baking for a fundraiser this weekend.  After that, let me know what type of baked goods you need.  Just don't say heart shaped sugar cookies.


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