Friday, April 26, 2013

The first of the lasts

Oh what a weird week we've had.
It has been crazy busy. 
Katie backed into a friend's new truck at church Wed. night.  And by new truck, I mean brand new, off the lot, picked up about 4 hours before Katie put a dent in it. 
She has been just devastated over this.  She feels so bad.  "He can't even enjoy his new truck...." (read while crying loudly to get full picture)

Last night Katie had her last dance recital.  I didn't think about this fact till right before we went.
Mike really hated to miss the draft and when he mentioned skipping it I suddenly realized that this is the last one.  That made me a little sad.  And by a little I really mean I don't miss them going to dance every night and competitions but hate we are at the point where we are doing things with her for the last time in high school.
That explanation got Mike to go without complaining.  He did want to know if he could check it on his phone while we were there so that he could say things like "he is the worst general manager in the history of football"....

There seems to always be a weird dance

this year they were insane asylum patients
Make's a mama proud...

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