Saturday, April 6, 2013

Junior Prom fun

Have I told you what great girls I have? 
Well, let me brag on the oldest for a minute.
Tonight is her Jr. Prom.
She has been so low maintenance about it.  That is not usually how I think of her.
You hear all about the hair appointments, make up counter visits, nails and pedicures, and expensive dresses but my sweet girl wanted none of that.

She chose a very simple, affordable dress.
When I told her she needed different shoes she didn't want any.  She had black heels "that would be fine".
Nails?  "NO"
Hair?  "I'll do it".
She went with her best friend.  There is a guy who has a crush on her but she didn't want to go with him... "I'm not sure he loves Jesus".
I offered to send them somewhere nice for dinner.  "No, we're going to McAlister's"...

there were a lot of girls in that room
(notice the sister's look...)
there was a lot of looking at other peoples pictures on their phones

sporting the Chaco tan in those heels
sweet friends! 
I'm ok with this whole Jr. thing but I'm thinking next year I might not be ok...


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