Thursday, November 27, 2008

A quiet Thanksgiving for which I am thankful!

It is just us and Jennifer (who completes our family) for Thanksgiving this year. This is the first year we haven't been at someone else's house for Thanksgiving day and while we miss being with those family members, we have really had a good day... It's been so relaxed! Here are the highlights

  • Jennifer told me she wasn't coming till today but showed up about 10:00 last night to surprise me!
  • I cooked everything and it all turned out good and was all ready at the same time
  • the big girl helped clean up after lunch, a thanksgiving day miracle
  • Biglots was open and had some fun scrap booking stuff
  • CVS had a bunch of free stuff today
  • a couple of hours after lunch Mike took a nap, one of the girls was looking for him and I hear "has Dad been in the bathroom every since lunch?"
  • Jennifer seeing a snow dog Christmas decoration and the man's real snow dog around the corner... she thought it came to life... funny if you were there...
  • we're going to see Four Christmases in a little bit


Sniz said...

Hi Cara! I'm soo glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Quiet holidays at home with your family are best, IMO. I should send you a pic of the notebook my daughter made after seeing the one you made me. I am soo impressed with it. BTW, everyone loves the one you made!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun day - I want to see that Reese Witherspoon movie too. YOu'll have to tell me how you liked it! (o:

How awesome that your big girl helped clean up after the meal - wow. I only ever helped by force. (o: I still avoid dishes, especially on Thanksgiving, at all costs.

Naomi said...

Hi there! You have won the Wu & Wu Dumpling Dynasty sewing kit in my Tea Party giveaway:

Please email me with your mailing address and I will send it out to you ASAP.