Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I love all things winter and Christmas! I love nothing better than spending time at home with the tree lit and I am getting a bit of that right now.

While Jennifer was here we both made a 'December book', (hers was much cuter than mine) and I have come to decide I am not cut out for anything I have to do daily. I uploaded the pictures that need to go in my book but can't seem to remember to go pick them up... I had idea's of posting a picture of the book everyday but doesn't look like I could be that organized... so here are the pic's for days 1 and 2...

Mike bought me this Nativity for Christmas last year, I was very excited to get it out finally.

The big girl had a choir concert last night... very cute little musical!

Day three, nothing happened. At all. Nothing.


Jennifer said...

Yours is still way cuter than mine. Sorry. You're wrong.

Debbie said...

I love that nativity set. It is the prettiest thing!

Jennifer said...

Your tree is gorgemous!! IT makes me want to come over and drink hot chocolate or something. (o: I love that nativity scene too - is that Willow Tree? I love their stuff!