Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What New year's eve looks like at our house

It's pretty quiet...Popcorn, homemade Pizza (my side is the pretty one- fresh tomatoes, sauteed onion and bacon with a couple of cheeses, his- hamburger, jalapenos, and plain cheese).
Note the yellow dish towel in the picture... this is one of my favorite gifts this year... the Rachel Ray dish towel with the pot holders at the is wonderful.
Mike didn't get home till later in the evening, one kid is at a sleep over and one went to Main Event till 8 p.m....glad she's young enough to think that it was ok to be home by 8... and I'm glad she's home to hang out with.
The goodies I got for New Year's have been a HUGE hit with my kids!

I said I was glad the big girl was home but, she has been torturing the dogs with the noise makers and masks. Elvis really doesn't like the blowers...He's over the whole New Year's thing...

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