Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It takes a long time to grow old friends

One of my oldest and best friends, Deana, came to see me this weekend. 
Well, she actually came to her niece's college graduation which happened to be here so it was really like her coming to see me and going to a graduation while she was here.
Her family is in Dallas so I don't see her very often since we've moved to Lubbock.  We never seem to be in Dallas at the same time.
I did see her every summer for the last several years because she lives in Branson near the camp we went to every summer. 
That was one of the worse parts about skipping camp this year was that I hated to not get to go see her.
Sooo, I was thrilled that she had a reason to visit me!

When I was 17 my mom died.  My dad was working out of the country so I had to move from Mississippi to Dallas to live with my (much)older sister.
This was quite an adjustment on many levels.
The very first Sunday I was there we went to my my sister's church and the minister introduced me to Deana.  We have been friends ever since.
We lived together through college and off and on till we added husbands to the picture.

I look back now and know what a gift she was to me.
She was a constant, stable, loving friend when I needed one.  And she came with a family who took me in like I was theirs.
I have always been grateful for them.

So, now that a 12 hour drive separates us I am always so glad for any visit!

She brought her two oldest girls and her mother even spent one night with us.
We talked and enjoyed every minute of it!
Our girls enjoyed each other and even pulled a little prank on the mama's...
I'm so glad our kids have fun together.

I did some senior pictures for one daughter...Katie had to be a creeper in one of them of course...

I really enjoyed her beautiful girl!

Let's do this again soon!

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