Sunday, July 1, 2012

2 a.m. friends

One of my oldest and best friends came to visit this weekend on a spur of the moment trip.  Her niece found out and wanted to come (she and Katie are the same age and have been besties since the baby bed) but Gabbie couldn't get off work till 7 p.m. so she waited on her and they got in about 2 a.m....Oh, and getting here about 2 a.m. is very usual for them for some reason...There aren't many people I would wait up on but they are worth the wait!
What makes her a better aunt than me is that Gabbie also had to be back to work at 11 on Sunday morning so they left at 5 this morning...
So, needless to say, we didn't waste much time sleeping this weekend.

We enjoyed time talking and visiting, eating of course

looking for some fun where we could find it

 and then did a little jelly making which we love but the girls thought that made us the biggest losers ever!

Those girls did make us proud though when they asked to make a recipe from pintrest!

all the girls managed to get along.  Most of the time.

We are so blessed with good friends!

love that beautiful girl!

and the baby of the group.
so sweet!

fun fun fun!

OK friends, who's visiting next?  I'll wait up for you...

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