Thursday, January 24, 2013

I have a butter problem

I have a problem.  A butter problem.
Now that I've learned to make butter I feel like I need to keep a supply. 
And I don't want anyone to use it.
At least not for just any recipe. 
You won't be able to appreciate that it's homemade butter if it's in something. 
You need to eat it on homemade bread or other things where the butter is the star.
But when I'm not looking people are eating my butter. 
They are putting it on pasta.  Pasta that I didn't get to eat. 
Using it in a cake.  IN A CAKE.  Not a butter cake but a chocolate cake where you can't appreciate that the last of the homemade butter was in it. 
And since the last of the homemade butter ended up in the chocolate cake, I had to make a little more butter.  Even though buying butter is cheaper I now feel the need to have both kinds on hand.

This batch I did a cultured butter.  I believe it was even better.  And you know I really didn't need a butter that is even better... the recipe and article says the butter is even a good "munching butter". 

And this time I did remember to cover the mixer as not to have buttermilk all over the kitchen.
After the "goat cheese" conversation with my friend I found a quart bottle of it at Sprouts so that is in my plans for the weekend...
I wouldn't want Katie to quit thinking she lives with "Pilgrims"...

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