Saturday, January 26, 2013

That's five hours I won't get back

Today has been one of those days. 
One of the days that you did things that needed to be done but a big chunk feels a little like wasted time...
Since I couldn't breath lying down I was up at 5.  By 8 I had straightened up, cleaned the kitchen, been to the grocery store, back home and then headed out for the day.  The first part was some quality friend time but the the afternoon, that's another story.
All the girls in the house needed a hair cut and highlights. 
I've never minded getting my hair done but when there are three of us it turns into a 5 hour project.

Kellie and I have new haircuts and we are all a much better shade of blond now!

Kellie cut off about six inches of hair today.
Katie just got a trim

Mine is a lot shorter and even Ellie got a new short hair cut.  We weren't in the mood for pictures tonight though.
Some cold medicine and a few episodes of "Buying Alaska" and I'm a much happier girl this evening...

This morning I spent a bit of time with my friend working on our Project Life and then we met another friend for lunch.

I am just loving Project Life.  I just basically round up pictures we all took on on our phone during the week and start there.  Kellie isn't sure we will need documentation of everything we did but I'm having fun with it!

Week 4

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