Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's sad when rain is big news...

We have had a very uneventful week.
I know this because today when I sat down to work on week two of Project Life I realized I didn't have much to work with from this week.
I'm thinking it might be a book of dog pictures.  Dogs sleeping, dogs drooling, dogs looking cute, and I can throw in the occasional girls lying on the couch, girls leaving, girls going to school pictures.
I am really still very excited about the project and that I have a good friend here doing it.  A good friend with a new craft room I might add. 
Since it was Jennifer's idea, we were sad she couldn't craft with us today.  We had a great time visiting and working on our week together.


It's Sat. night and I'm home alone.  It's a little too quiet but nice.  I have Braised chicken with onions in the over for dinner when Mike gets home. 
Have a great weekend and take lots of pictures!

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