Monday, February 23, 2009

It's been crazy. Crazy. I tell you...

Highlights of my crazy week

-Mike asked me to stop and buy a new toilet can imagine that I really didn't want to do this particular job but taking the little girl with me made it worth doing! I didn't realize how badly saying "toilet seat" embarrassed her... she wouldn't walk near me while I carried it or paid for it. On the way out the door I saw someone I knew and took that opportunity to really embarrass her as I pointed out to my friend what I had bought and we kept talking about the 'toilet seat'... It was big fun!
But after getting it out of the package, Mike informed me it was the wrong shape of toilet seat. I have to admit, I did not take it back. Even though it was brand new, never been used, I just couldn't bring myself to return a toilet seat out of it's package... Though trying to get the girls to go with me might have been fun!

-Mike got a speeding ticket. I called to find out the price of this error and what to do. The nice lady on the phone, she told me how much it would be and what his options were along with a big long story about about her son and how he failed a drug test and he hadn't really taken drugs and on and on and on... I seem to be a magnet for strange people, even on the phone.
I hung up the phone and called Mike to tell him he owed me for checking on his ticket... he then told me he had just gotten a second ticket... it was at this point that I hung up on him and really thought he might be giving me a stroke.

-I had a few very small cracks in a a couple of the kitchen tiles that the builder came to replace today. It caused an unbelievable amount of dust, it was like a construction site in here.

As soon as they were done I ran to the grocery store... came back and my little girl 'Pigpen' had cleaned for me. And I mean cleaned. She dusted everything. Can't clean her room but cleaned up a LOT of dust for me... crazy...

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