Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of fun, family and a good weekend

After a very LONGGGG week of enormous amounts of sick kids at school, my own two being sick and the husband, the weekend has been a very pleasant treat.

Jennifer came Friday afternoon late. We had a little impromptu birthday dinner with her when she arrived. Her birthday is in March but last week Mike started telling me he was ordering Jennifer a birthday gift.. and "oh, when is her birthday?"....He loves his niece. Maybe more than me...he never thinks up something I need 3 months before my birthday...but after her college team won the championships he decided she needed a real championship jersey with the number of her absolute favorite player and then got on line and found it. Of course, when he gave it to her, he said it didn't really have to be her birthday gift, it could just be a gift so we could still get her something else. And of course I didn't think to get a picture of her wearing her jersey...

Sat. morning we got up and did a little shopping.

We checked out the scrapbook store where they were having a 'garage sale' and we got wonderful, wonderful bargains of crafty goodness.

We left there and went to the restaurant supply store. I had never been to one before but I believe it may be the mother-ship for me! It was cooking heaven!!! I can't tell you my love of shiny metal tongs in every size known to man, mixing bowls the size of my coffee table, and ramekins of every shape, size and color! I bought an industrial sized pizza slicer and red plastic baskets like at the burger joints and the perfect size ramekins to bake Flan in. Also scary, is that my girls were excited about these purchases. I think the big girl felt a special bond to the plastic baskets. There is nothing she likes better in life than eating burgers, chicken strips and fries in a restaurant so having the real thing to eat out of at home, it made her happy--this may be her fine china one day!

We went to a very, very good gift shop then joined my other niece and other family for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon in antique shops and the little girl joined us. I think I'm glad that she likes it....she however, could find something she would like to buy no matter where we go!!!

We ended the day with the whole family going to see "New in Town". Love me some Harry Connick, Jr.... Cute movie... unusual that the whole family can enjoy the same movie...

We hated for Jennifer to go home today! Wish she could have stayed for the Super Bowl fun.

So as our weekend winds to an end, we have just our little family at home, hanging out, enjoying the game and commercials and some good snacks. What a peaceful evening.

I have to tell you of the "Steak Bites" I made for us to snack on... I read about it on Pioneer Woman and she was on the money in saying that these are bliss. If you like steak, oh my heavens, it is perfect.

Melt your butter

Let it brown

Sear steak pieces (seasoned with salt, pepper and a little garlic) on each side for about 30 seconds in a very hot pan

Pour the remaining browned butter over the steak

My pictures aren't as good as Pioneer Woman but I'm pretty sure mine tasted as good!

Yummy goodness plus some pizza rolls for the kids... one won't eat shrimp and the other won't eat steak...weird kids...


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I am already envious of all the goodies you found at the scrapbook place (not that I need anymore stuff right now!). Your steak bites look delicious - I'm big on meat right now. Meat and all things salty - I've heard this means I'm having a boy. (o:

Debbie said...

I can see the enjoyment of having those baskets! They do bring back good memories.

Theresa said...

I can't wait to try the steak bites. They look wonderful! I have a question, I notice you cooked the steak in an iron skillet on a smooth top range. I have been afraid it would destroy my cooktop, but so miss using my iron skillet. Enjoy reading your blog. Have a wonderful day!