Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soup and vintage goodies are all I needed this week!

This week has been long and a bit of a blur... I seemed to have fallen prey to the virus of the week at my school... I've sent a million kids home with it and they seemed to have shared it with me on the way out the door. And it wasn't for lack of hand washing, hand sanitizer, Lysol, anti-bacterial wipes, etc.
I realize I'm a little less sympathetic when I have the same thing the kids do..
'yea, my throat hurts too' did not seem to make them want to stay at school and endure the day together.
So glad to be feeling a little better today. And just in time, tonight I have made cute little cupcakes for the office staff for valentine's, helped with cards and treats for the girls class, friends and teachers.
And speaking of Valentine's day, my kids seem to be under the impression that Valentine's is the new Christmas. I have heard "you can get me that for valentine's" over and over lately...

My kids have enjoyed my feeling bad because that has led to them eating out every night this week. I haven't felt like doing anything and have been willing to go anywhere that offers a good bowl of soup!
Tonight we did Pei Wei and my fortune confirmed what I already knew- that God will always provide everything I need. Big girl's said 'you find the silly in the serious'... Confucius was right on tonight...

I had wonderful package when I came home today... It is from Mary Jo from another swap I did, Bits and Baubles... The idea was to swap a baggie of goodies you would use in crafting.

Mary Jo sent me a whole box of vintage, trinkets, papers and crafty goodness! I moved the beautiful piece of vintage wall paper to see a page from an old hymn book and it was one of my favorite hymn's! There are vintage bingo cards, jewelry and spoons! I LOVE old silverware! Don't know yet what I'll do with all the wonderful goodies, but it will be fun finding projects for them. Oh, and pages out of a vintage cookbook... She really did a wonderful job - I can hardly wait to find projects for everything!
Mary Jo provided what I needed today, a little pick me up!


Debbie said...

That is a clever swap! And I never started the habit of giving my kiddos anything for Valentines. When they were young, they would drag so much sugar home from school - why bother?
Hope you feel better soon.

Malissa said...

What a great stash!! So happy you joined in! I love valentine's, but I don't do a lot of presents. Just a few little treats(like a cheesy heart box of candy), and a bear or doll like we got when we were little. (Mom always had it waiting on our pillow when we got home from school) My kiddo likes it when I don't feel like cooking too. Daddy picks up junk on the way home from work on those nights!
Glad your feeling a little better, hope your 100% soon.

secondofwett said...

Isn't it great to have friends like that...we all need little pick-me-ups like that every once in awhile!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Really pretty pics. And I love the line, "Valentine's Day is the new Christmas." Uh, not so much!

HeatherY said...

Hope you are feeling better! Love your bag of goodies. That was a great idea for a swap!

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