Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring cleaning of sorts...

Mike is out of town and my plan for the weekend was to turn the guest room into a craft/sewing/scrapbook/guest room. I started this project and told the girls they had to clean their room while I did this.
Well, somehow I ended up in their rooms helping because their idea of clean and mine are worlds apart. So, two days later and I have not done a single thing in the craft room BUT my girls have the most organized, clean rooms they have ever had. We have two huge boxes plus three black garbage bags full of clothes they have outgrown/ don't 'like' any more... some with tags still on them. Plus, at least 4 big trash bags full of, well, you know trash... that was not the word I was using for it as I was pulling it out of drawers and closets! We have quite the selection of single shoes, socks, etc. Where do you loose one shoe?
One child is appreciative and is enjoying her clean room.... the other... well, she's still put out I made her work so hard this weekend.
I'm tired and even though I got a lot of cleaning done, I don't feel like we've had a weekend.
The Domino's man just brought our dinner. I'm excited to try the veggie pizza I ordered and a little glass of wine...
Maybe next weekend I'll get something done on the craft room.


Jennifer said...

You should just call it a studio and sound pretentious like me.

P.S. Why do you have the most annoying word verification on your comments? Nobody wants to type prinsur to leave you a note.

Michelle said...

I feel your pain on cleaning a child's room. If I had a dime for every McDonald's Happy Meal toy I've thrown away, I'd make a payment on that minivan of ours! haha
Hope you have a great week.
P.S. Read my latest post...there's a little prayer suprise at the bottom.