Saturday, February 13, 2010

If I have it at 11 and call it lunch they won't know it's a tea party

When the girls were little I gave them a valentine tea party almost every year. 

The last few they have not allowed it, it was way to childish. 

So, this year I gave them a "luncheon".  It was very much the same thing but we called it by a more grown up name...We still had tea and fancy dishes, they wore dresses (which was completely their own idea) the were served girly food. 

So, it was really a tea party, don't tell them...

They all ate the soup and salads just to get to this...

Elvis stayed close by the chocolate fountain and drooled A LOT

sweet niece Jesse stopped by when she heard about party food

This is my sweet friend from work who when she heard about the party asked if she could come help serve... I turned around and found her doing dishes.  That's a sweet friend.

You can put them in dresses but you can't make them sit correctly

 (those are shorts by the way, she had already lifted up the dress to show us)
I just thought it was funny when I started looking at pictures and found this...

and we sent them home with a cute 'oreo pop' (wrapped up cute of course)

I think they enjoyed it.  I did.  Just wish they had left me a little chicken salad....


Darla said...

mmmm, all of that food looks delicous. i havent had sugar in 7 days so i'm drooling over here. :p i had to LOL at the pic of her dress up, its something my girls would do. what a very nice 'luncheon' you held, mom.

Jennifer said...

Cara this is so fun. What an awesome thing to do for you girls and their friends. It was very grown up tea party - er luncheon. (o:

This made that place I really miss my mom in my heart ache a little bit. Oh to have shared in these kinds of things with her.

You are such a gift to you daughters. I'm sure the tea party days will be something that they won't ever forget.