Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little dancing

We had a busy week... nothing new... just busy.  Last night both girls had friends spend the night.  Nothing like a house full of girls!  I'm very glad to have them at our house though! 

Today Katie had to dance in a Hospice of Lubbock benefit.  It was put on by the dance Sorority at Tech. 
My whole Sat. was spent running the girls back and forth to rehearsal, lunch, and then the benefit itself. 

It made for a very unproductive day for me but again, I'm glad to be the the mom they wanted to run them around!
Across from the theater they preformed was a little area with a few metal heart sculptures.  This one made me happy.

I know this is blurry but I had to take it... I look over before they started dancing and Katie is laying on the floor peeking out of a whole in the partitian to the side of the stage or floor rather, it wasn't really big enough to have a stage

My dancing girl.  Tonight made me hope she doens't do college dance.  Those intrepretive type dances they did were a lot longer and harder to enjoy than what she's doing now!  They really should provide a blurb in the program telling you what the choireographer was trying to say with the dance.  Then I wouldn't wonder - are they animals, are they sad, how much longer, why don't they just do some ballet or tap? 

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