Sunday, January 9, 2011

What weekend?

Ever since the little bathroom project I have been on a project roll. 
I have quite a few that have been on my list for a while and a few that the kids add when I'm not really looking for more to do....

Saturday is a blur of project starting, trips to Low's, Walmart, Low's, Hobby Lobby, and so on... you get the picture.  I can't possibly plan correctly for the projects... That would take away the joy of changing clothes and going back out for the one item that I need 10 times.

Here's the weekend rundown:
  • rearranged Katie's room and made her clean it
  • painted and put new knobs on her dresser
  • moved pictures in her room
  • finally got Mike to put her vanity together that she got for a Christmas gift
  • assured him that even if 2 screws fell out, it was still a functional vanity and that I would find a way to fix the screw issue if he could not
  • recovered the perfectly lovely stool that came with the vanity
  • spent 6 hours reminding Kellie she was not finished cleaning her room ( which could have been done in 30 minutes if she had tried)
  • homemade lasagna
  • Church and decorating in the 9th grade classroom I teach in... the girls were a little jealous of the 6th grade room so I had to perk ours up a little
  • took Katie's headboard out of her room and recovered it for Kellie's room
  • started painting a rocking chair ( I say started because 1 coat of primer and 2 of paint and it still isn't finished
  • scraped paint and worked on two antique windows that may end up being Katie's headboard
  • played with the Cricut and cut out some vinyl words for the girls walls
  • 80 8 loads of laundry
  • 2 hour class on my camera (yay)
And all this on very little sleep.  I gave the bulldog a dose of Benadryl for his itchy paws and that lead to snoring like I've never heard before!! 

Maybe tomorrow I can show a few pictures of some of the projects!


~lifedramatic~ said...

I'm tired from just reading the last few posts with all of the crafty things you've been up to! Simply amazing!

I adore those picture frames that you painted. Did you use stencils, or a paint pen? Inquiring minds!


What's next said...

do not fear, this weekend I have done nothing!!! Painted on the glass with a paint pen... since it was glass you can print what ever you wnat and put behind the class and trace over it! I'm loving it and ready to paint on everything.