Sunday, June 26, 2011

Glad to be home but could we get the heat turned down?

I am so glad to be home... two weeks away seems like forever...

But we left 85 degree weather in Missouri to come home to this

(that was just as we came back into Texas, I think it might have been 185degrees by the time we got home)

We left two weeks ago for a family funeral in East Tx ( that will be a separate post), then on to Kamp Kanakuk for the favorite week of summer.
This summer it was only Kellie and I on the road trip.  Katie had to stay behind for rehearsals for a musical she is going to be in.  I think the two weeks really felt like forever to Mike who was left alone with the teenager!

We stopped in Ark. to see my Aunt Effie

We headed to Branson from there and the GPS took us on the most remote route possible!  We went through Ozark National Forrest and went about an hour without even seeing another car...

We spent the next day doing the tourist type things we usually don't take the time time to do... I let Kellie pick the activities so we ended up at the wax museum

 rode the Ducks
had lunch at her favorite place, the Singing Diner
and we finally caught the "Cirque" show we have talked about seeing for the last few years... it was very fun!
Then it was on to Kamp...

Here is my clean child at one of the "wipe out" stations...

this blurry picture is her getting thrown into the mud pit
Yuck.  That's all I have to say.  Every kid who came to the nurse for the rest of the week had dried dirt in their ears! 
Kamp was great as usual.  I sure missed Katie being there with us.  I would love to have seen her reaction to wipe out!
I came home just in time... doesn't look like anyone remembered to turn the sprinklers on while I was gone and they only checked the mail twice in those two weeks... Today I got to hand them the cards I mailed them over a week ago...
I'm glad to be home!

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