Monday, December 5, 2011

I don't know what to say, except it's Christmas and we're all in misery

We headed to Dallas Sat. morning for the annual Christmas get together with Mike's family.
It was the longest 36 hours ever. 
Not because of the family get together but because of my kids, 10 hours in the car, bad weather and the little old people from the wreck we stopped at.

We are trading our Suburban in and while they are looking for me a new one they gave me a smaller SUV to drive.  I really like it and tried to talk the family into moving down to something that size.  As we  packed up the car for our 1 night trip it was obvious that a Suburban is still in my future.  Those girls like to have some distance between them.  And we were looking a little like the Griswald's with the back so full...
But, this car has seat warmers which I have not had before and did not think I needed.  However, I have discovered my inability to sleep in the car was simply a lack of a warm back side because I turned that baby on and had the best nap ever.
I woke up to see break lights in my face and a truck on it's side in the next lane. 
I hopped out and ran to see if anyone needed any school nurse assistance.  Band aid, ice pack?
Break that windshield out for you?
Pretty quickly, several strong men got the cutest little old people out of truck on it's side.
The hubby was smiling and seemed OK.  But the wife was a little shook up.  Not injured, but really shook up as I would imagine is the normal response to being pulled out of a vehicle on it's side.
We continued on our way but the rest of the weekend I worried about the people.
Where were they going? 
She was dressed up.  Had stockings on and open toe shoes in that cold weather.  For some reason, while we were getting her out and wrapping her up in a blanket my first thought was "man, you should get those hammer toes looked at"....
They had luggage in the back of the truck, we sat her on a nice suitcase.
She had a sewing machine in a box...was that hers?  Was that a gift that is prob. now broken?
What was in those big trash bags?
Where do they take you after you total your truck?  Do you wait on the side of the highway for someone to come get you and your trash bags and sewing machine?
I need to know what happened to the old people....
I know I won't ever know, but I do know that I have prayed for them all weekend. 

We finally made it to Dallas and joined the family fun! 
Better know as 'guys - you watch football till we feed you'

We had fancy Panini fixings most of us enjoyed... I did hear the words "I'd rather have a bologna sandwich on white bread" at one point though...I won't tell you which mother in law said it...

Henry was a new addition to the cousin's house...

our kids are growing up

and one of the London crew had my name... The box this came in is a pretty as the bag.
and we started the trip home with the forecast of snow in Lubbock

But, as I guessed, not enough to cancel school.

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Mary said...

It's strange how we are affected by the things we see. You are obviously a caring person and I hope you were finally able to get them from your head. You did all that a stranger could do and then some. As to the MIL. Let her eat bologna :-) That means more panini for the rest of you. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary