Friday, May 16, 2008

Craziness follows me

Yesterday in the grocery store I saw a VERY odd pair of women in line in front of me. Between them they only had about 6 items with each of them paying for a portion of the bill, then they had leave the line for minute to get something else, then the cashier had to call for help with something to do with the payment... so for their 6 items (that I had mistakenly thought would be the shortest line) it took them over 15minutes to check out, all they while trying to talk to me about stuff in my cart. I know its not terribly Christian of me to avoid talking to strange people but really, these women scared me a little...
There was a strange guy at Sonic that I always hoped wasn't working when I ordered, of course he always is... then one night we went to a restaurant and guess who the waiter was?
I was subbing today and had a couple of incidents where the choice of the parent completely made me wonder about their parenting.
And now, my own child... apparently she is just done with school because she has C's in few classes. This is the same child that before would have a small stroke if she made a B...
I could go on and on... is it just me?

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