Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Glad to be home

I spent the last couple of days in the Dallas area helping my Mother-in-law get some decisions made about the father-in-law who is ill... He was doing so bad when I left for Dallas that I expected to be going to a funeral while there, however, he was awake and waiting to see me. He is still not doing well and is moving to the Hospice unit. That was the main reason I was there to help her with that decision. The visit with him was actually very pleasant. See, he is Mike's step-dad and has never really been our favorite person for many reasons, but while sitting there with him, knowing he does not have a lot of time, those thoughts went away... he was only a person who is aware he is dying. I realzied my being there was good for him also. When his wife was out of the room he asked me questions that she wasn't ready to answer. He asked about how much time he has, he discussed his desire to die and not linger and I asked him if there was anything he wished he had done in life... He briefly discussed God but before I could ask to much we were interrupted. I have worried about this and been hoping for an opportunity to discuss it... then last night his neighbor brought it up with me and said he was planning on talking to him about also, and I'm greatful...So, we had some good conversation followed a brief slightly confused time when he wanted his wife to buy two pony's for my girls to remember him by.
I spent the ride home thinking about how short life is...

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neecie said...

Isn't crazy that you always feel like you have all this time to talk to people and then all of the sudden time gets real small.