Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The last week or so...

I just haven't had much to blog about the last week or so. I guess things have been pretty normal around here. Mother's day was spent putting up my mother's day gift, the new "Red Neck Pool" as my cousin calls it.
We had planned on having a pool put in when we moved but decided the lack of in-ground pools here may be for a reason so we thought we would try this and see if we want to put one in later. Now, Sunday when we got it assembled, the crazy girls were sure they needed to go swimming. I'm pretty sure the water was about 50 degrees but they had a swim.
Tonight we went to a Mother Daughter dinner at my friends church. It was nice. Of course we had to go to McDonald's on the way home since the big girl didnt' eat 3 bites of the real food they served. The older woman who was in charge of the microphone at this event, talked about that fact that this is the first Mother's day without her mother. I can only hope that I get to spend that many with my girls and leave a legacy they will be proud of. I am thankful to have two such beautiful girls!

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Jennifer said...

SOunds like a fun Mother's Day weekend! I'm glad you have your beautiful daughters to cherish on such a special day. (o: