Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can someone pick up Jerry?

My father-in-law (he was Mike's step-dad) passed away this week. It was expected and he was ready to go. I am sad for my Mother-in-law but she is doing OK. I hope he is with our Father and seeing all of his family members. He was a very well read, intelligent man but had a very weird past... he had lost his first wife, 2 sons and 2 grandsons to unusual deaths. He has a daughter who never called him, never visited unless she needed something. This daughter and my Mother-in-law DO NOT like each other. My Mother-in-law's two sisters and family all live in the same town as her but haven't' been as supportive as I would have hoped and my husband is the only child, so I am ready to get there to lend support and help. We have been very blessed that she has good neighbors who have helped her immensely. I am sad that they don't attend a church and someone who didn't know him will do the service. I am grateful that he said he was a believer! But, Sunday afternoon if someone could go pick up Jerry Springer on the way to the memorial service I would appreciate it. Between the daughter, the sisters and a few odd friends I'm sure he wouldn't want to miss it. We may have to add chairs to the smoking lounge (her garage) for the after events...
No, but seriously, rest peacefully Harvey, we'll take care of Pat for you.

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