Monday, June 2, 2008

Home again, home again....

I have never been more ready to get home! Ever! I was even ok with home now being Lubbock... never thought I would want to hurry back to Lubbock!
After the week staying with my Mother in Law, I was soooo ready to come home. The funeral went well for my father in law. The pastor who did the service did a wonderful job considering he had never met him. I am praying my mother in law will get involved with the church now. The pastor told me he would have the "merry widows" call on her....
The only bad parts of the trip was a little too much time with some of the neighbors and some of the family. Like in all families, there is always someone who has strong opinions and can keep things stirred up. Most times I don't have to spend extended time with them but after a few days I had just had enough! Another day and I was afraid I would voice my opinion and be in a little trouble!
Also, my mother in law weighs about 95 lb soaking wet. She only eats to live, unlike me! I thought she was going to starve me (which wouldn't hurt) but tends to make me a little cranky... She is a coffee and cigarette kind of lady where I am more a 'what else can we eat' kind of girl! A friend of mine brought a casserole over the second day I was there but she wouldn't let me cook it for 'just the two of us'. Every night about 7:30 or 8 I would have to remind her she really needed to eat dinner, mostly so I could eat dinner... I thought I was going to have to take up cigarettes and coffee to curb my appetite!
Glad to be home!

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Jennifer said...

Goodness! What a trip! Sounds like you handled yourself well though, even though you had to endure tensions and near starvation. Home really is sweet when we're gone from it for too long!