Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not the best Father's day ever

At noon today when it was 102 degrees Mike decided he wanted to go to the lake for Father's day. Now the heat is enough to make me cranky so kept my distance and tried not to pout about going while Mike hooked up the boat, washed it out to get the sand off, loaded everything including 2 hungry kids and then pulling out he ran over a hoe. Yep, ruined a brand new tire on the brand new truck... being the good wife, I offered to call AAA rather than him have to change it... 45 minutes later, the spare was on and we loaded up the still hungry kids, dropped off the tire at Walmart and got underway...Sonic saved the starving kids!
At about 4:00 we finally got to the lake... we waited in line behind several other boats to get to a lane at the ramp, we put everything in the boat, turned the key and as our day would have predicted, it didn't' start... Mike spent 45 minutes trying a new battery etc and still not working... so we pulled out of the water, he had a mild fit (which I was just glad wasn't a heat stroke since it was 108 outside now per the car thermometer) and we headed back home. $20 Sonic, $5 bottled water and a 1/2 tank of gas... it was an expensive ride to the lake!!!
We have the worst boating luck known to man. This boat is fairly new and a nice boat and seems to have a short that we have had repaired multiple times but the battery still seems to be drained EVERY time we want to use the boat. I could have predicted this when we left today. I sit there watching all the other people quickly back their boats in and take off... that never happens to us. I tried to explain to mike today that I just don't think we are boating people, anyone want a good deal on a hardly used boat?
Heading out in the morning for our road trip to camp...back in 10 days!

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