Saturday, June 7, 2008

a little survey

my new blog friend Jenn tagged me for this survey... and since I am sad for her loss of cable I figured she needed reading goes...
Favorite person outside my family: I have several great friends! I hate to single one out but the one I spent some time with recently that I don't get to very often is Tammie, prob. my oldest friend. She is like family and I hate that we don't get to spend more time together!
Favorite food: Again, I hate to just single one out! I am a big fan of most food. My favorite though would prob. have to be mexican. I could eat it everyday! Had some yummy chicken fajita's tonight as a matter of fact...After mexican it would be anything sweet... better yet, lets have mexican and follow it with some flan or fried ice cream!
Quirks about me: Oh, there are many... need alot of ice in my drinks, like my shoes in the closet before I go to bed, I could go on and on...
Any regrets in life: Not many, I've had a really good life... I wish I hadn't lived with my husband those few months before we married so I never have to admitt that to my girls... wish I had asked for more stories from my grandfather.
Favorite blog: I have more than I should... one I am enjoying the crafty things of lately is Pinkpaperpeppermints
Worst job: a travel nurse assignment I did in New Orleans... the amount of patients I would be assigned was completly unsafe and impossible to take care of that many.
Job you would pay NOT to do: anything outside in the summer! I look at people building houses, working on the roads, etc and feel so bad for them. It would make me kill myself!
Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Confessions: I still have a few boxes that aren't unpacked after 6 months!
If I had to spend $1000 on myself: massage, pedicure, Brighton purse, sunglasses, etc. A Coach bag, clothes, new ipod... I wouldn't have any trouble...
Favorite thing in my house: the bathroom in this house. It has a huge corner tub and a built in armoire for towels, etc... I'd go take a picture but there is a kid lounging in the big tub of bubbles at the moment.
What I'm bad at: sports, dieting, name a few
What I'm good at: cleaning, being crafty
What circumstances in my life would I change if I could? Think I would have had one more baby and one less dog.
Who are my real life heroes? I really don't know that I have a hero. I look up to a lot of people but hero, I'd have to think on that...
What relaxes me? long bath, a good magazine, a little quite time after everyone else goes to bed.
What stresses me out? the list is endless... money, some family, crazy small stuff the most like laundry, the dirt blowing into my house in the crazy west Texas area is really stressing me lately... the mess my husband has in the living room right now with his fishing stuff out everywhere...
Why do I blog? because Jennifer told me to... certainly not for my writing abilities! Wish I had more to offer to the blog world but really its just for me to ramble about my day, crazy family, dogs, etc...
Who am I tagging? Well, not having any friends with blogs limits that... Jennifer, but she prob. won't do it... Jennifer in Ok. I wish you would start a blog just so I could have pic's of the baby, I'm sure you have time for that!

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Jennifer said...

Girlfriend! I have decided we are officially blog soul sisters. From fried icecream, to mexican food, to the excessive ice in your drinks and the fact that you're bad at dieting and excercise. We should be BFF. (o: I'm glad you did the fun survey! I enjoyed reading your answers.