Friday, June 27, 2008

Kamp and the adventures of June

Well, we survived the 10 day trip and came home last night. We stayed a night in Dallas, a night in Muskogee and a night in Branson with friends then 6 days at Kamp Kanakuk.
I enjoy Kamp every year but this year was better than ever. There weren't a lot of injuries so the nurse part of the job went very well and this led to a VERY relaxing week. My cousin is the other nurse and her sweet friend joins us so we have a week of girl time. We napped, read, spent time in the Word and enjoyed the company of wonderful counselors and kampers. I am amazed every year at the great kids they hire every summer. They are excellent roll models for our kids. The big girl got to hear a counselor talk about her engagement and their decision to not kiss until the wedding. I love when she shares stories like this, I know she is listening and I hope this outweighs all the bad things she hears all year.

Today, Mike and I left for a trip alone without kids. We are at a fishing 'resort' in Del Rio with my cousins from Mississippi... so, our first trip alone and I'm at the 'resort' (and that word is used very loosely) enjoying the internet for the first time in 10 days and Mike is out on the lake with his favorite fishing Buddy... Gina and I have spent the evening on line looking at cruises and vacations for our next trip together, somewhere without a fish cleaning station outside of the door and a deer feeder in the parking lot...

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like your trip was fun! Glad you're back and blogging.

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