Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We are not meant to be boat people

well, we made it home from the 'fishing resort' in Del Rio. We drove through the middle of no where... I've always heard about the middle of no where but now I've seen it! Somewhere in that area we had a flat on the boat trailer. This is the first time we have realized our boat trailer didn't come with a spare tire and the stuff to get the tire of your car doesn't fit to use on the boat tires... so we drove back to the tiny town we had just passed and found a gas station that resembled the one from 'Andy Griffith' but this guy wasn't near as friendly as Gomer... after he finished fixing the two teenagers bike tires an hour later, then he was able to assist us... I am just thankful there was a tire shop there and a Dairy Queen... think we are going to sell the boat now...Thank you God!
Today our favorite family member,niece, BFF, Jennifer is coming to town... later in the week followed by my sister and family... and of course on the day company is coming the dog throws up in multiple spots on the carpet! Other than eating I don't know what we'll do for entertainment with the sister and brother-in-law... its hot, and they aren't very adventurous, lets just hope everyone is on their nice medicine! Wonder what there is to do in Lubbock on the 4th of July???

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Jennifer said...

I'm not boat people and I know this without having a boat. You guys are troopers - I would have cried into my peanut buster parfait at Dairy Queen. Hope you have a fun 4th of July whatever Lubbock holds for you! (o: