Thursday, July 10, 2008


On Big Mama blog today she discussed her sheets and her bedtime issues... then I got my daily email from Home Sanctuary and her small thing for the day was making bedtime good - changing the sheets, pillow spray, etc to make tonight's bedtime great...So all day I've been reminded to think about bedtime. I love my bed. I have the good sheets on, have the pillow spray, took a hot bath even... and then, the little girl somehow talked me into letting her sleep in my bed with her dad. He's been out of town and she is quite the Daddy's girl so I had a hard time saying no... so, now my bedtime I've waited all day for involves sleeping in the bed I didn't change the sheets on, possibly with crumbs in it if I had to guess and with a lot of stuffed animals...
I guess my good bedtime was meant for someone else tonight. I did however decide to stay up later though and use the quiet time to catch up on Bible study I'm behind on.
Sleep tight internet.

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Sarah Mae said...

Oooh, you're making me want to climb in bed now, but I can't! I have a deadline a post I have to do for Blogging 101 and then bath and reading as a reward!

Hope you win the vacuum! :)