Thursday, July 17, 2008

A good time was had by all....

Balmorhea was a relaxing, calm, sit on a float in the sun kind of weekend. We grilled, played, watched prairie dogs play, napped, snorkeled, and swam with fish... The little one jumped off of the low diving board at least 200 times. We drove up to McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mt's. We saw huge deer, a skunk by our car and a few stars and a lot of clouds with big telescopes. It was quite the adventure. We enjoyed the time with our friends. Tomorrow we leave for Ark. As much as we have gone this summer we could have had one great vacation for the same price... We've only gone to country, remote or family areas this summer. Not too exotic but hopefully great memories for my girls.

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Jennifer said...

Your girls are so precious! I'm sure you are making all kinds of wonderful memories with them.

I'm so up for fried icecream - YUM!! I've only ever had it at one place though. Where else makes it?