Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting ready for Kamp and other summer fun

We have spent the week getting all the things ready for the three of us to go to camp. Today we took a break and played all day!

We go to a Christian sports camp, Kamp Kanakuk every summer... I work the week as one of the nurses and the kids are kampers! Every summer I think getting ready will be easier because we should have all the supplies... but that is never the way it goes. The water shoes don't fit, no one has two pairs of tennis shoes that fit, swim suits don't fit, and rain poncho's... I buy them every year and we never use them but I can never find them again... the list goes on and on...
anyway, it is worth it every year! One of my favorite cousins also goes as a nurse so we have nurse kamp while the kids have theirs! We stay up way to late talking and laughing, sit on the porch in rockers, take long walks, and go to the local blueberry farm in addition to the many band aids, medications, sun burns and injuries we help with.

Every year I am amazed at how fun and full filling it is. The college students they hire as counselors are just amazing and you can just feel God all over that kamp! My kids amaze me every year... they come back wanting to spend more time in daily devotion, they are more aware of treating everyone with kindness, they are reminded about the down side of peer pressure, Internet, t.v., and they are encouraged to live a with a kamp mindset all year.

If only we could keep our kids in that kind of environment and away from the worldly stress they face...

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