Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Great Weekend

Mike took the boat out for the first time since we moved here. Even though he only caught one fish he said the lake was great, much better than he expected... I think I was hoping it wouldn't be so he would want to sell the boat. The girls and I tried out the 'redneck pool' today. We spent a couple of hours just floating around talking. It was good girl time. The neighbor came over this evening and her little girls went swimming. We ate burgers and sat outside. It was an ideal day at home.
The new house across the street is finished and a young couple moved in yesterday... we took them a cake and welcomed them to the neighborhood. I am hoping all the new houses starting on this street have such nice people. I am thankful for friendly neighbors... at our last house we never got to know any of the neighbors well. God has been so good to us in this move.

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Jennifer said...

I have been trying to get my hubby to sell his boat considering he hasn't used it once since I met him almost three years ago. *sigh* No such luck. At least not yet. And what friendly neighbors you are! I wish more people did things like that. (o: